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Richard G. Stewart, Jr.


After experiencing great success developing, owning, and operating multiple real estate/resort destinations across the U.S., creating the concept of “timeshare”, and delivering financial independence seminars as an educational/inspirational public speaker, Richard realized that his God-given passion was not about making money, but to use his talents and resources to make a difference on this planet. Richard G. Stewart’s life mission is to honor God, make this world a better place, and help others have a better life through helping, giving, inspiring, repairing, encouraging, and educating.

For years, Richard has been working with his team to assemble the necessary pieces to make this dream a reality and benefit everyone involved. Richard is the CEO/Founder of Help Worldwide, Inc. and Source, Inc. – the parent companies coupling innovative technology with the goal of helping humanity. He is also the CEO of Starwest Studios, Starwest Productions, and Starwest Media. These power companies along with various other strategic acquisitions work together toward accomplishing his goal of making the world a better place.


Randy Jackson

Executive Creative Director

Randy Jackson’s fearless and forward-thinking mentality has guided him from musician, songwriter, and Grammy Award-winning producer to revered record-industry executive, business entrepreneur, best-selling author, talent manager, television producer and beloved television personality. All of this stems from Jackson's passion for music. Jackson has lent his talents to hit records by Smokey Robinson, Whitney Houston, Aretha Franklin, and Madonna, to name a few. Meanwhile, he also entered the rock 'n' roll realm, recording and performing with legendary musicians such as Bob Dylan, Billy Joel, Bon Jovi, Keith Richards, Journey, Carlos Santana, Jerry Garcia, Bob Weir, and countless others. All in all, he has over 1,000 gold and platinum plaques to his name, with collective sales exceeding 200 million copies.

However, it is on television where Randy became a household name and reached iconic status within pop culture as a judge on the music competition series “American Idol.” In addition, he launched various other ventures including producing MTV’s “America’s Best Dance Crew,” creating his own artist-management firm and production company. He recently signed an overall production deal with Endemol Shine North America.

His charitable work includes his role as Goodwill Ambassador for Save the Children U.S., as well as his involvement with the Gibson Foundation, the Music in the Schools program of the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences. In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, he was one of the architects of the multimillion-dollar fundraiser, Idol Gives Back, delivering relief to his home state Louisiana. Returning for the third year as Clinton Global Citizen Awards music producer, Jackson has helped put together a selection of performances that reflect the spirit of collaboration that is at the core of CGI’s mission and the work of its members.

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